NADSOFT managed to acquire and retain world-class talents in all departments

Nadsoft offers over 15 years of software development for enterprises, and proven track record in scaling startups to the next level. We believe the right way to ensure the best results is to help our clients in all stages of development, starting from building the business case & MRD all the way to development, QA & user feedback. Our team provides end-to-end management to the whole process. We specialize in building web and mobile applications, enterprise software with deeptechnology integration.


Startups' core offering is all about echnology whether it’s a mobile app, web application, software service, or virtual products, start-ups need a helping hand from those who know what is possible within a given timeline and budget and can turn a plan into working software. Our Startup IT services aimed at helping early-stage companies accomplish their goals through product ideation, prototyping, software development, software testing, and maintenance.

Individual Entrepreneurs

NADSoft provides web and mobile solutions to organisations, businesses and individuals alike. NADSoft adopted Nazareth as its home over a decade ago, and ever since we take pride in our excellent team that provides top notch innovation, and technology solutions for hundreds of diverse clients hundreds of diverse clients.


We at NADSoft offer customised solutions to governmental or non-governmental institutions, civil society organizations, companies and small to medium-sized corporations and businesses. These services and products include company websites, mobile applications, information management systems, service gates and platforms, online shops, webinar.

OUR Partners & Clients

At NADSoft, we believe that our clients are not only an asset but are strategic partners whose satisfaction is our primary goal. Your success is our success. This doctrine is what motivates us to provide best solutions and top-notch products. All our applications are created with four main factors in mind: modernity and customisability ease of use, state-of-the-art security, and search-engine friendliness.


Our team is the key to our success. We have skills to cover all your IT and business needs with a selective and passionate team of experts in fields such as programming, UI/UX, business analysis, software architecture, hosting and many more. Further, we continue to develop and evolve to our clients’ needs by investing in ongoing training for our team. All our applications are created with four main factors in mind: modernity and customizability ease of use, state-of-the-art security, and search-engine friendliness. Furthermore, our team offers efficient and swift customer support guaranteeing that all emerging issues are handled in less than 24 hours.