NadMED is a regulated engine for boosting the development of Med-tech products by empowering healthcare and MedTech organizations to build customized, compliant, scalable and AI-powered services and applications while reducing time to market and cost.


Cutting-edge technologies are already transforming every aspect of our lives, and the healthcare industry has always been a pioneer in any revolutionary process, which puts healthcare organizations and clinicians under tremendous pressure to offer patient-centric services, cut costs, and run more efficiently. Today, healthcare organizations and providers need software solutions that will not only streamline care delivery, but will also accelerate their routines and ultimately improve patient outcomes, and all of that must be done in a customizable, secure and scalable environment. Building appealing, versatile, and high-performance healthcare software is different from traditional business software. It requires a deep knowledge and expertise of not only the technology itself but also interoperability, regulatory, and security guidelines, as well as identifying the provider’s current and future requirements and the end-user needs.


Over the last 15+ years, we at Nadsoft have developed dozens of MedTech web and mobile applications for different health vertices and client types. This solid and diversified experience that we developed during the years has enabled us to bring together an innovative CRM engine (NadMED) to serve as an infrastructure of any MedTech and Digital Health software that needs to be developed. NadMED has already served many clients in building customized applications that fit exactly their needs while doing this in a remarkably less time, save them significant cost and maintain the high level of regulatory and security standards.


NadMed is a regulated and customizable backend as a service (BaaS) Platform which allows Health-tech startups to build their own product easily and quickly. The platform is compliant with (HIPAA, GDPR, ISO27001, ISo27799 and ISO13485) and ready for Cloud and On-premise deployments. NadMed bridges the gap between the front end applications and the other product’s features, In addition to integrating with Medical devices or AI algorithms.

Our custom healthcare solutions:

Consumer health applications

Web and mobile applications built out of synchronized software with health-tracking wearables, sensors, and medical devices for remote patient monitoring empowered by data collection, processing, and visualization capabilities.

Patient portals

We build patient portals that connect patients and providers, allowing both parties to, securely, submit and access health records and services via web and mobile devices.

Healthcare CRM

Set up custom medical CRMs tailored to provide a better experience through all-round patient profile management, personalized offers, and more essential features. These specialized systems can be integrated into any type of care-delivering practice.

Clinical applications

We are experienced in developing and customizing software that forms the basis of daily healthcare operations. Supporting the integrity of clinical processes, patient information management, and delivering personalized care.

Medical workflow management

Medical software for internal workflow management. Help healthcare organizations manage their revenue cycles, track equipment, monitor facilities and inventory medical supplies.

Our custom healthcare solutions: