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About NADSoft

NADSoft provides web and mobile solutions to organizations, businesses and individuals alike. NADSoft adopted Nazareth as its home over a decade ago, and ever since we take pride in our excellent team that provides top notch innovation, and technology solutions for hundreds of diverse clients: from the public sector to the private sector, for start-ups to established companies solutions in a wide range of sectors such as health, transportation, media, governance and more– tailored specifically to the needs of our clients. Our team is the key to our success. We have skills to cover all your IT and business needs with a selective and passionate team of experts in fields such as programming, UI/UX, business analysis, software architecture, hosting and many more. Further, we continue to develop and evolve to our clients’ needs by investing in ongoing training for our team. All our applications are created with four main factors in mind: modernity and customizability ease of use, state-of-the-art security, and search-engine friendliness. Furthermore, our team offers efficient and swift customer support guaranteeing that all emerging issues are handled in less than 24 hours. At NADSoft, we believe that our clients are not only an asset but are strategic partners whose satisfaction is our primary goal. Your success is our success. This doctrine is what motivates us to provide best solutions and top-notch products.

For Startups

No matter what type of hi-tech or IT startup you are launching, you can rest assured that we will be able to handle all the IT and tech-related needs. We realize how difficult it is to take your first steps in our highly complex and competitive world, especially the talent recruitment. In this regard, NADSoft can greatly help at this critical stage by offering our versatile design, coding and programming services to new startups. This will allow such startups to rather focus on marketing and strategic planning, and just let us do the hard work for them!

For Individual Entrepreneurs / Self-investors

Did you ever have an idea that eventually ended up in an app that someone else created? With NADSoft, you can bring life to your idea by turning it into a successful and potentially life-changing business. We first help you identify if your idea is promising and feasible which we do through intensive brainstorming to determine the nature of the product and the problem it seeks to resolve, taking into consideration key factors like competition and cost-effectiveness. If we determine it is indeed feasible, we then define the product’s specifications, the groups it targets, the methods of implementation, promotion and marketing strategy. Lastly, we bring it to life through the design, coding, and testing until the final product is ready for the end-user. Come with your idea to NADSoft’s one-stop factory of bringing ideas to life.

For Organizations/Businesses

If you are a business or organization looking for tech solutions – NADSoft is the place for you. In addition to the services provided to individuals or independent groups highlighted above, we offer customized solutions to governmental or non-governmental institutions, civil society organizations, companies and small to medium-sized corporations and businesses. These services and products include company websites, mobile applications, information management systems, service gates and platforms, online shops, webinar broadcasting tools, and others. We perform our own market research and create solutions that cater for the clients’ needs and help them grow their business, better serve their existing clients, reach new markets and expand their reach. Our solutions for organizations and companies serve two purposes: Ensuring simplicity and functionality without compromising on service quality.